Movimento Energy Tracks

Artistic movement in pursuit of power in the works, through the use of a materials, which acts together with physico-chemical actions and reactions in the fire, acid corrosion, etc…

Oil and acril on canvas

My way of art is intuitive one, so it means through painting first of all I want to express the feelings, emotions. Colors, materials, structures all in relations between themselves help me to find balance between canvas and reality… and my true emotions toward something. In fact I do paint …

Oil and acril on paper

Colorfully rich, associative and authentic that explores the possibilities of representing constraints preconceptions so that they do not generalize, but reflects a specific situation and its echo, often in paintings of steam to thereby signaled the need dialogue. Marijan Grakalić

White paintings

Going back to our childhood innocence, striving for purity and crystallization of intent, both joy and melancholy, birth, marriage and death as a new beginning, white photos documented the multidimensional content of one battle, in which everyone can fully identify. Sanja Klaić